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3 Tips for More Productivity in Your Virtual Assistant Business

Working at home comes with so many fabulous benefits but there are also a lot of distractions. Check out my latest guest post at Work-at-Home Success to help you be more productive with your work time: 3 Tips for How to Get More Done When Working at Home  

Playing too small in your virtual assistant business

Are You Playing too Small in Your Virtual Assistant Business?

When it comes to marketing your virtual assistant business, are you playing too small? Do you think searching for clients locally is your only option? What if you live in a small town? Watch today’s video for advice on how to stop playing small: Resources: A Virtual Assistant’s Guide to Connecting Effectively with Prospects Online […]

keeping on track in virtual assistant business

How to Keep Things on Track in Your Virtual Assistant Business

Today I’m answering the following reader question in a video post: “How do I keep things on track and keep the ball rolling instead of feeling like I’m chasing after the ball?” Check out the video here for my answers: Notes and links from the video: PSTS Method   –>Prioritize Know your why Set goals […]

Making Your VA Business Happen

I’ve talked before about knowing your “why” for starting your VA business and using that to keep you motivated and making the right decisions. That’s one of the reasons why this post from Global Alliance of Virtual Assistants (GAVA) really resonated with me. They bring up a lot of other really great ways to keep […]

Create A Free Offer for Your Virtual Assistant Website in 4 Steps

List building is an effective marketing strategy for reaching more prospects and bringing new clients into your virtual assistant business. We’ve talked about that in detail in this article and this video. So how do you get people to sign up for your list? Create a juicy, free offer that they really want. I explain […]

Strategies for Setting and Achieving Goals in Your Virtual Assistant Business

You know that setting goals for your virtual assistant business is important. You may have set goals for things like choosing your services, setting your rates, getting your website set up, deciding how much money you want to make and how many clients you want to work with. And you’ve probably heard of the SMART […]

Choosing Your Work at Home Opportunity

You’re here at New VA Advice because you’re interested in learning more about being a virtual assistant–or you already are one and you want to step up your game. But that might not be your only income stream. For many of us who work at home online, having multiple income streams is important. For example, […]

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Mastering Your Services in Your Virtual Assistant Business

If you’ve been around here for any length of time, you know my suggestions for figuring out what services to provide in your virtual assistant business. You start with all of the skills that you possess and focus on the ones that you love doing. But Michelle Dale at Virtual Miss Friday takes that a […]


Two Things to do When Your VA Work Day Doesn’t go as Planned

You know that saying about the best laid plans, right? Well, what do you do when you’ve scheduled out the week for your virtual assistant business, but it doesn’t go quite as you planned? Let me tell you what happened to me. Last week, I had everything for my business all planned out, including client […]

list building to get new clients

Simple Tips for List Building to Get New Clients

We hear things like, “The money is in your list,” but what does that mean for you and your virtual assistant business? Simply put, it means that you can grow and get new clients in your virtual assistant business by enticing people to sign up for your email list—and then connecting with them. It doesn’t […]

Attract Clients into Your Virtual Assistant Business with Your Web Copy

You’ve worked hard on creating your virtual assistant website. Now how do you get more clients to notice it? Watch this short video for tips on how to write copy for your VA website that will attract more clients and make them want to work with you! Ready for new clients for your virtual assistant business? […]