Get the Skills and Training You Need to Start Your Transcription Business

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Want to make money online with a service-based business but not sure where to start?

Are you a Virtual Assistant looking to add to your skillset in order to increase your customer base?

Are you considering a career in general transcription?

Are you wondering where you can learn the skills required to make these things happen?

I can help!

General Transcription Bootcamp

 Going it alone can be hard. Now I’ll help you every step of the way!

Alicia Jay General Transcription BootcampI’m Alicia Jay, the creator of this program. When I started out my online career as a general transcriptionist I definitely struggled. I found information on how to start your online business, how to create your website and how to market. But I didn’t find anything that taught the basic skills needed for general transcription.

It took time, but I learned what general transcription clients want and need from their transcripts. I learned on my own by trial and error. Each time I sent a transcript to a client and they sent me back corrections, I studied them and made notes. As my business grew, I trained others using all of the knowledge and skills that I collected.

Now I’ve decided it is time to share what I’ve learned with others just like me so that YOU can experience the freedom of working from home. That’s how the General Transcription Bootcamp was born!

What the General Transcription Bootcamp Offers:

    • A clear explanation of the concept of general transcription
    • Information about tools and software needed for transcription
    • Guidelines and instruction on how to create transcripts your clients will love
    • Practice audio files to help you prepare
    • One-on-one coaching and constructive critiques with Alicia

All of this and more is delivered via email in the form of a 6 week ecourse so that you can work at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

    • This is NOT a program that will sit on your shelf and collect dust.
    • This is NOT a self-study course that will leave you wondering if you’ve “done it right.”
    • This is NOT another program that requires you to purchase additional material and other programs to learn what you really want to know.

General Transcription Bootcamp IS all inclusive, from getting started, to practice, to getting feedback on how you’re doing.

  • Industry Expert Opinion
    "I first met Alicia when she became one of my transcription course students. When I saw how fast Alicia was learning and growing, I quickly made her a part of my own transcription team and we’ve worked on countless projects together now. It’s definitely a case of the student becoming the teacher, I’ve certainly learned as much from Alicia as she has from me. I often refer to her as one-third of my own brain, because I rely on her help and knowledge with so many aspects of my own business these days."

    ~ Loretta Oliver, Teleseminars Transcribed

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Wait! Don’t need the one-on-one time? Are you a great self-motivator and you just need the materials for this course to make it happen? Then grab the self-study version at a reduced price by clicking this link now:

General Transcription Bootcamp Self-Study Program

  • “I very much enjoyed my time with Alicia Jay and the General Transcription Bootcamp. The Bootcamp was perfectly paced and the content easily accessible. Alicia Jay is an excellent teacher. Her lessons, feedback, and teaching are very clear. The best part of the bootcamp is that at the end, I truly felt that I could do transcription as a career. I knew that I had been adequately prepared and given the necessary skills to start my new career.”    ~ Janine J., Bootcamp Grad

  • "I really enjoyed GTB. If I hadn't taken the course, I never would have known about Express Scribe, which I love. I'm from the old school- foot pedal and headphones -so it was exciting to learn how to transcribe right from the keyboard. Alicia went above and beyond to assist me whenever necessary and was very good about feedback in terms of content and in a timely fashion. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to start a transcription business. It was a lot of fun. Fabulous opportunity! I say, Go for it!"
    ~ Diane B., Bootcamp Grad


Lesson One includes:

  • Course outline
  • List of essentials that you will need to begin transcribing
  • Invitation information for our Private Facebook group to ask questions and chat with Alicia and your peers

Lesson Two includes:

  • Definition and discussion of “cleaned up” transcripts within the context of general transcription
  • Transcript formatting along with FREE templates that  I use with my clients
  • Transcription guidelines that cover all of the rules of grammar, punctuation and how to handle different situations you may encounter while typing audio. This is your Transcription bible!

Lesson Three includes:

  • The FREE software you will need to download and play back audio files
  • Advice on how to use the software as well as tutorial links
  • How to make use of timestamps (what to do if you don’t know what someone is saying or if there is an audio glitch)
  • Sample audio file and transcript with directions on how to load the audio into the free software for playback

Lesson Four includes:

  • Your first audio test file with instructions and a template for transcription
  • You type the file, send back to Alicia and she will send you feedback

Lesson Five includes:

  • Your second audio test file
  • Here’s where the customization begins! I will work with you personally as you try more test files to perfect your skills. The quantity of files differs here for each person

Lesson Six includes:

  • You will receive your FREE bonus marketing ebook that will give you tips and instructions on how to market your general transcription business online, get noticed and get clients!

Lesson Seven includes:

  • Final wrap-up survey—your opinion matters!
  • Completion certificate


How does this work? Is it really live?

  1. During the first half of the course, you will receive materials via email with so many days in between, giving you time to complete each piece.
  2. During the second half of the course, you will receive test audio files and work directly with Alicia, receiving her feedback on your transcripts.
  3. You don’t need to “attend” anything at a certain day or time, and you don’t need to “show up live” for anything on the first day. You just need to book about a 6-week time frame in your calendar to devote to working on the course materials at a time that’s right for YOU!

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  • Next Bootcamp date: TBD

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 Wait! Don’t need the one-on-one time? Are you a great self-motivator and you just need the materials for this course to make it happen? Then grab the self-study version at a reduced price by clicking this link now: 

General Transcription Bootcamp Self-Study Program

100% Money Back Guarantee

When you’re finished with my Bootcamp I want you to feel that you have all the skills that you need for a career in general transcription. I’m confident that this is exactly what you will discover when you complete the program. If you don’t feel equipped to tackle the world of general transcription after GTB, I will refund 100% of your fee for up to 10 days after the course.

P.S. Bonuses Galore for Signing up Now!

Transcription-Crash-Course-smallBonus # 1: The Transcription Crash Course. ($27 value) This ebook is the perfect compliment to GTB helping you to set up your general transcription business from the ground up. Learn everything you need to create your website and make your professional presence known! You will receive this bonus immediately upon signing up for General Transcription Bootcamp.


Bonus # 2: The Build it Big Online Marketing Guide. ($27.00 value) Now that you’ve learned the skills and set up your business, how do you get those clients? This ebook gives you step-by-step instructions on finding your target market and getting in front of them online so that you can nab those customers. This will be presented to you upon completion of GTB.


dollarsignBonus # 3: Affiliate Program. Become an affiliate of GTB and get the chance to pay off your own admission fee! You will receive a 20% commission on each and every sale along with access to our private affiliate center filled with graphics and creative text blurbs for easy marketing.


FacebookFLogoBonus # 4: Private Facebook Group. Chat with Alicia in the General Transcription Bootcamp private Facebook group! Ask questions and connect with peers. You will have lifetime access to this group so that you can come back anytime if you need a little help!


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  • Next Bootcamp date: TBD

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P.P.S.  Wait! Don’t need the one-on-one time? Are you a great self-motivator and you just need the materials for this course to make it happen? Then grab the self-study version at a reduced price by clicking this link now:

General Transcription Bootcamp Self-Study Program